Some information about me and the work I have done.


A selection of the work I created till now. I put it here to allow easy access for everyone, who is interested.

Specification-based and Concolic Testing for Games

This is my master's thesis. I wrote it over the summer of 2015 at the University of Augsburg. We evaluate three different tools for automatic test case generation. One of the tools was extensively extended and will soon be released.

The Distributed Radix Join Algorithm

This paper summarizes one of the three algorithms I described in my bachelor thesis, the Distributed Radix Join. I presented the paper at the Informatiktage 2013 of the Gesellschaft für Informatik in Bonn.

Efficient Distributed Join Processing on Modern Hardware

This is my bachelor's thesis. I wrote this in the summer of 2012 in Munich at TUM. It shows how to efficently use the processing power of a computing cluster for distributed join processing. It contains a detailed analysis of three distributed join algorithm, one of which is capable of processing 150 million tuples per second.

Collision Detection - Broad Phase

I did this for a seminar on games engine design. It contains some standard ways to handle collision detection in games. Sadly we had to cover a lot of content in only ten pages. In addition we had to do it in german. But I think its a good source of ideas if your not familiar with this topic.

Garbage Collection in C#

The result of a seminar I did during my bachelor studies in computer science at TUM. I am no huge fan of .NET, hence this article is focused on the mechanics of garbage collection algorithms in general. It provides good insides, which could help optimizing your code for better usage of the garbage collectors.

Evolutionary Algorithms for Maximum Matchings

I participated in the so calledFerienakademie in 2010 and 2011. This is a program, which allows students with good grades to spend two weeks in South Tyrol (Italy). Each student has to do a presentation and do lots of hiking ;). In 2010 I did a presentation on RSA and in 2011 on evolutionary algorithms. In addition we wrote some programs using these algorithms. The results are summarized along with some highly mathematical stuff in this article.


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All of the following techniques, frameworks and libraries helped me create this website. I owe them a greate amount of graditude, because with their help this site would not be possible.